Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Do you like my new watch?

I got this baby for $2 today!

I am obsessed with this teal color right now.. so you know that when I saw this through the little glass jewelry case I decided it was going to be mine before I tried it on. 

I was invited along to one of my favorite thrift stores with Renée and Charlotte (who I actually got to meet for the first time!). I'm so glad they included me and not only because of my thrift-addiction. I loved getting to meet Charlotte after following her blog for awhile. In a few days she is going to be road tripping it from Indiana to Denver and documenting some of her stops along the way via twitter, so check it out here- I know I'm excited.

Anyway, you didn't think I spent an hour in the thrift store and just got the watch did you?

I also found:
*Granny Sweater - $2
*Cowboy belt: $2
*Fun patterned dress - $4

I probably mentioned a few times that I have been looking for a pair of legit , old, worn-in cowboy boots (short or tall.. or both) for a long time now. Today I saw a pair.. but they weren't my size (or close enough that I could make them work). I did, however, find this leather cowboy-esque belt. A nice consolation prize.. for now :)

Have a lovely Tuesday!


  1. Can't believe that watch was on $2! Great find!


  2. I need you to thrift for me. Seriously. Girl, you got skills.

  3. You found a lot of good stuff (watch included) during your trip. Loving the dress (that print is amazing!) and that grandpa sweater!

    You should mentally thank these people for getting rid of these treasures!

  4. Love all the fun treasures you found! That teal color is lovely! You had some good luck, girly!

  5. Looks like you had a great trip. I LOVE that watch!

  6. Love that dress! And this post reminds me I need to be on the hunt for a new watch...

  7. They will go great with your boots WHEN you find them :) Lovely finds!

  8. Augh, that sweater and that dress I just heart. Nice finds, Rachel.

  9. Whoa! I love that dress that you got!

  10. I am taking the boot hunt cross country!!!


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