Saturday, August 20, 2011

1 skirt, 3 ways

       Lauren - Someone Like You ; Jessica - Midwest Muse ; Me

This little skirt has done some traveling. 

I love seeing the different interpretations - even though we all decided to wear it with a dark top and yellowy shoes, each look is unique.

In other news, I'm boring and got the exact same hair color as last time from the drug store to freshen up the red. One of these days I'll commit to a permanent color at the salon.. for now, it's Feria.

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Wow this 3 looks are beautiful!!!!!!!

  2. I love how they're all similar, even with tone of top and shoes, yet still so personally styled. Very cool!

  3. I really like all 3 of these looks. I LOVEEEEE that skirt!

  4. So funny how you all styled it similarly. Great minds think alike!

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  5. It's so comical how similar we all styled it! I think all three of us did such a lovely job and it makes me so happy that my skirt got some good use! :D

  6. I love how similar and not similar we style this skirt. It looks sooooo good on all of us.

  7. Also I love how the settings are like minded as well.

  8. Polka dot skirt--you're after my own heart here, Rach. It's absolutely adorable! Hope you enjoyed your weekend :)


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