Monday, July 25, 2011

Swapped Accessories.

Dress/Earrings: Thrifted, Belt/Shoes/Ring: Swapped

I really love this dress - it's comfortable and Vintage! This time I wore it with some new accessories I got from the swap parties last weekend. I actually broke the rules for these shoes. I saw them and decided I needed them (and the yellow flower ring) before the swapping started. At that swap it was free-for-all style.. so I went ahead and put them on and made them mine. To make it fair, I gave everyone else a 10 minute head start on swapping and just took pictures. Fair enough, right? I thought so :)

See those earrings? They're actually clip-on's. I love them and they were only $1. 

I'm a little bit disappointed in myself for over-scheduling my programs today. It's 75-cent Monday and I scheduled 3 2-hour programs today with travel time in between. I'll be gone from 9:15-7:30pm so that leaves precisely no time for 75-cent Monday. Sadness. Don't worry, though.. I'll be doing fun programs I'm very blessed to be doing. Plus I'm sure I'll find another day this week to fit in a thrift trip. :)

Have a great start to your week!


  1. What a perfect summer outfit!! LOVE the dress and how you styled it!

  2. White is really flattering on you! Like seriously. Lookin' so good!

  3. What a dainty little dress! I'm loving all the yellow accessories and pops of red as well. Hope you had a great Monday and you're not too exhausted from all your activities :)

  4. All I wear actually are clip on earrings! I can get them so cheap because no one wants them anymore ;)

    And you look absolutely stunning in this I must say! The shape is just impeccable on you ❤

  5. Clip on earrings?!
    Hello, memories of little me sneaking into my grandma's jewelry box and clipping on her earrings to see what I would look like once I made the switch to pierced!

    Too cute :)

  6. Love that dress, and LOVE that red belt with it! So cute! :)

  7. super cute dress, you look adorable!


  8. Hey Rachel! I finally got my wear it wednesday up if you want to check it out... it's at the end of the post (i had week recap post) but wanted to share =) will try to stay more active and on top of it love! JB.


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