Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday Night Frock Party

Dress: Vintage/Thrifted, Belt, Shoes & Sunglasses: Swapped, Bracelet: Lia Sophia

I wish all of you could have traveled from your various dwelling places to join us at the frock-swap party last night! It was so great to meet some of the girls <in real life> I have met through the blogosphere. Jessica & Anna from Dresses for Dinner already have some great pictures up here. There were so many clothes! It was a beautiful thing.

So about this outfit. I was wearing something different when I walked into the swap - I had on gold gladiator sandals, a gold belt and gold necklace (see the group picture in the link above). After acquiring these items (and much more I can't wait to share with you) I switched it up a little bit. I am having a little love-affair with the color red right now (and gold and I have an eternal love) so I was most excited about these items. You can probably tell since I left wearing them. 

This is a vintage dress I picked up for a $1.50 at the Thrift store <where else?>. 

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Sigh, I wish I could have traveled from my dwelling place hundreds of miles away to be there, too! That dress is so cute and you look great in it!

  2. I love that dress and actually the original ensemble was BEAUTIFUL. I'm so glad you got those shoes! I wish they had fit my feet better.

    I love the flowers and white picket fence with the red/white/blue.

  3. You look so cute! And that sounds like such a fun party!!

  4. Sounds like an awesome time with the ladies! I'd love to hear more details about the Frock Swap!

  5. this sounds like such a neat idea! i wish i could arrange / attend something like this! i also have been bitten by the red bug lately, the color used to really intimidate me and seem like a bit much-- but lately i'm smitten!

    autumn jordan

  6. I love the whole look so much! I never find stuff for 1.50! Lucky :)


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