Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Hair: Short vs. Long

I know I'm trying to grow my hair out.. but lately I have felt the urge to chop it! I think it's the heat. Plus I keep noticing super chic and adorable short styles everywhere. A few bloggers whose sites I visit often: Teresa from Teresa - Life and Style and Katherine from Styleidoscope.

 Emma Watson - beautiful.

Michelle Williams' style? So cute.  
and Ryan Gosling doesn't hurt either.

  Hayden Pannetiere - gorgeous

I have to keep reminding myself that mine is just in the in between stage and it will grow. I want to be able to do fun styles with it...

Beach waves:

Cute braids:

Messy top-knot:

must.. have.. patience.


  1. I have that same problem! My usual method for getting hair grown out is to change it in other ways - color or layers. Lately I haven't had money for a good color so it stays shortish.

  2. this is funny, because I have been wanting to cut my hair in the worse way! It is wavy, curly and sometimes gets frizzy so thinking of chopping it off!!! :)

  3. After I cut mine to the lenth it is now I have struggled to find the patience to let it grow out again! Have you seen the fishtail braid style??? It would be worth it to have long hair just to do that!

  4. I have a feeling I'm at the same point you are. One minute, I'm wanting to chop it all off and the next I'm pining over long loose waves. Drat! I just keep reminding myself that if I cut it short again, I'll hit this terrible in between stage again.


  5. OMG! I feel so honored that you gave me a little shout out in your post! Thank you so much :)

    I an debating on if I should grow my hair a little, I would never go super long, because if I did, it would be a giant knot on the top of my head... but a little more length is fun when adding braids and cute stuff like that.

    I say, long, short or in-between... you look beautiful :)

    xoxo Teresa

  6. that Michelle Williams picture is quite possibly the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. ever.


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