Friday, June 17, 2011

New Thrifted Purse / Eventful week

I wanted to make sure I stopped by to introduce you to my new favorite purse I got for $3. Yep. $3. I'd been looking for a fun long-strap one for awhile but it's taken me months to find the right one. I wanted it to be big enough to hold my stuff, the right color brown and be somewhat old looking. Picky right? That's why it's taken awhile to find the right one.. but I finally did! 

Is it weird that being on the look-out for something is a big part of the fun for me?
Can I be a professional thrifter?

This has actually been a pretty eventful week - we have stayed up way too late on multiple occasions through-out the last few days. Starting with Sunday - who goes to the bar on Sundays? Well when there is a big game on (and you <by choice> don't have cable), the food is good and a live band - we do. Instead of having the GL Doppelrock on tap they had the GL Lake Erie Monster- wow. My new favorite IPA style. Beer fans need to try it.

We had only planned on staying for dinner and maybe a little after - but after the band set up we knew we would be staying awhile. It was a Beatles cover band in full Beatles gear - with accents - so entertaining.

On Monday we went with some new friends to see The Hangover II which was also pretty entertaining. I was pretty excited to get to use my new purse to smuggle in a water bottle and candy.

Wednesday Harvie had a little play (more like walk) date ...

photo by Renee :)

Been a great week so far and looking forward to a weekend of Father's day celebrations. 
Tonight we're planning on doing more burning out back - if it doesn't rain that is..

- Happy Friday -


  1. I love that bag! I too do that - have an idea of what I want and then wait forever until I find it, its like a treasure hunt! Ps, I want to become a professional thrifter too! How do we do that??

    xo Teresa
    Check out my latest remix!

  2. gorgeous! And for $3?!?! Even better. Great job :)


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