Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lame Awkwards and a few Awesomes - Doggy Haircuts!

So as I mentioned last Thursday I've had some trouble with Awkward & Awesome Thursday. My awkwards are are few and I think it has something to do with working from home. I don't have the same public interaction as most people do which is mostly good but sometimes I do miss that.

Home-alone awkward moments are pretty lame...
-Starting the mower by myself (it took quite a few pulls)
-Running out of lettuce and making a salad out of coleslaw. Wasn't the same.
-Eating what I thought was a grape now & later and it was actually the weird pink flavor

See what I mean? Lame. In a good way - I really have very little to complain about. Not that your awkward moments count as complaints.. but you know what I mean. I'm glad other people have more awkward moments because they really are so entertaining.

While my awkwards are lacking, something really awesome did happen today..

Our friend Tyler (Renee's husband) got to come home from the hospital (thank goodness!) AND
I gave the dog a haircut!

Since we moved it would take me half an hour to get to the groomer. Not bad, but that in combination with the hour it takes for grooming would definitely require planning. And planning would interfere with my regular schedule (make coffee, check emails, have a snack, return some calls, make the bed, take another call, think about working out, registering a camper, give the dog a haircut..). 

 Isn't he debonair?

He just laid there.. I think he liked the attention.
Plus he probably remembered that it's 80 degrees outside.

This is about how shaggy he was before..

I think I have a future at Mutt-Cutts.


  1. Oh he is precious! I love his new short cut, he looks so streamlined and aerodynamic now :)

    xo Teresa
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  2. What a cute little guy. :) I bet he feels wonderful and you have quite the skills!

  3. OMG, What a cute guy :) I just fell in love with the second pic, nice big eyes and such an adorable puppy face. and your so-called complaints are funny.

    P.S. I totally ran out of lettuce too when making salad, had a salad without lettuce haha

    xo Nav

  4. I came over here so I could take a peek at your doggie :) I think him and Scout would be good friends! I give her hair cuts too and she loves it.


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