Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kicking off Garage Sale Season!

On Saturday Renee  and I did something very exciting - started off garage sale season right in Seville! With it's adorable main street area and charming houses it was the perfect setting for the city-wide event. 

Couldn't we totally pass for sisters? :)

I purposely cropped out Renee's hair so she can introduce you to a little special something herself. ;)

We started the day of right. Obviously.

And scored so many great vintage finds!

I have big plans for these cute little pamphlets .. 

 And of course. 

Now we're off to for our second round of Father's day celebrating! In honor of my awesome dad, I shared this picture on facebook (mostly for my brother and sister's enjoyment.. but my dad's Special Olympics T-shirt and tight shorts are enjoyable all around).

Happy Father's Day


  1. woah! such pretty blue eyes!

  2. So much fun indeed!!! And we do for sure look alike, whoaman our eyes are super blue!! Anyway, I'm glad we decided to go....that woman's house was definitely worth the whole entire trip. Vintage finds....score!! And I need you to help me figure out what/where to put those curtains. I kinda want to just hang them front and center because they are so freaking awesome, but they totally don't match the living room at all. AT ALL. Maybe we need to repaint? What do you think Tyler would think?!!? Should this maybe have been an email instead of a blog post comment?! Yes. Probably. :) :)

  3. I need to go yard sale-ing! Cool vintage finds!!


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