Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I cut my own hair. Again.

 Is it bad I do this all the time? Remember when I mentioned I was getting bored with my hair in the process of growing it out? And how a few of you suggested adding layers or a different color? Honestly that thought had occurred to me too - just hadn't gotten around to any decision making. 

Until last Thursday night. 
When I reach a decision about my hair I want it done quickly. 

So I went ahead and did it. Yep - bangs. Sidey bangs to be exact.


I want to add layers too.. but decided to leave that for a professional.

Sometime around last Thursday or Friday Renee and I both got antsy.. with our hair that is. When I showed up at her house for Garage Sale-ing on Saturday - she had gotten feathered and I had given myself bangs. Without consulting one another (because I knew she'd tell me to put down the scissors'). Semi-weird things like that happen with us all the time - "I changed me hair - me too!" moments. It's fun.

And now that Renee has revealed her feathers I can too - without stealing her thunder. :) 
Soo cute! check it.


 Don't forget to wear your summery polka dots tomorrow if you want to play along with 
wear*it Wednesday!


  1. I know! We're such goofballs! Haha! I was like, hmm the more people I tell the more weird comments I might get and the more likely I am to not do it. "Um feathers!? I don't get it?" BUT apparently little campers do! That's adorable. I want a picture with her!!!! And when I have a little girl we're totally getting feathers together. Annnnnnd I love your cute side bangs....so fun! Do what you gotta do to stay away from chopping it all off in frustration and boredom thats for sure!!! :) :)

  2. I am just popping over to your blog from renee's blog! So glad I did! I seriously love your blog!! :D so excited to be your newest follower!


  3. Just realized- I e been here before! Haha! I must have been on the computer that doesn't let me click follow and forgot to do so later. Well I'm glad I have now! About time. Haha!

  4. You're so brave for cutting your hair yourself. It turned out super cute! Just in time for some summer sun :)

  5. Wow, you did a great job with your hair. Nice!

  6. Nice job with your bangs! my bestie and I always consult before or right after major hair decisions :)


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