Sunday, June 26, 2011

Casual Sunday : New Thrifted Oxfords and Boyfriend Jeans

I love these shoes. I recently got them for $5, which I know is a little steep for Thrifting. They're legit Bass though.. and comfortable. These were regular jeans I thrifted and turned into boyfriend jeans. I think they need some more work to look more worn in.. they're a work in progress.

This is such a comfortable outfit - don't you love when you kind of throw something together last minute and end up feeling comfortable and actually liking the result?

Shoes: Bass (Thrifted), Pin (Thrifted), Cardigan: Gap, Gray Tee: Target, Necklace: JCPenney, Jeans: Old Navy (Thrifted)

This has been a great weekend which I really needed after a crazy week! Remember how I mentioned my best friend from high school was in town from Spain? It was awesome. We love having her home. It's so much fun because in high school she was good friends with the husband too, so we can all hang out together (like old times) and have a great time. They actually had a lot more <smart kid> classes together which is funny. 

On Saturday we went out to pick her up <where we grew up, about 40 minutes from where we live now. My in-laws and her parents still live there>. Since we were in town we had dinner with his parents at a Mexican place with the best Sangria. I got a caraffe so we could share (promise I did share)..

We picked up Katherine and took her back to show her the new place. It was great timing because our neighbors were having a birthday party with a fire so we got to meet some new cool people. And get to know our neighbors better over beer and s'mores of course. 

We stayed up way too late hanging out and laughing and then went to Aladdin's for lunch on our way to take her home. I wish I would have taken pictures.. next time. I love that girl.

Look what I dug up from senior year (circa '03). Check out the husbands hair
(of course back then he was just 'boyfriend')..

It makes me sad that she's so far away but I'm so happy for her and what she's doing.
And it's a great reason to visit Spain someday..  :)



  1. Cutest shoes, and for so cheap - what a steal!
    That drink looks soo delicious!

  2. I love the thrifted oxfords!

    xo Teresa
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  3. your shoes are great. Isnt it funny, as thrifters, we see $5 as expensive!!

  4. How fun!! And i LOOOOVE this outfit!! So much!!

  5. love the topsiders/oxfords...wish i could score items like these here...for $5 i think that's good enough considering it's an original bass! great job!

    cool, awesome blog...following you back! ;)


  6. i love my oxfords!! yours are way cuter though!

  7. That outfit is fantastic. You thrifters are such smarties.

    I love all the pictures. It's so fun that you've all been friends so long. And I love a high school lovers success story.


  8. I must is the first time I have ever shopped at a thrift store. I hope one day I'll find cutey things like you do. For now I'm pretty content with my $3 Jackie O-esque dress ;)

  9. I love those shoes! Amazing find, definitely worth the five bucks! And I love photo you dug's so cute that you and your husband are high school sweethearts! :)


  10. Love the oxfords with the boyfriend jeans. You look so effortlessly chic.


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