Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome : Great Finds at Ann Taylor Loft

I typically have a somewhat difficult time thinking of weekly Awkwardness ...
guess that means it was another good week. :)
These are the best I could come up with..

*The bugs that show up outside after it gets dark
*Taking the cat to the vet
*11 hours in the car on Sunday

A Little Bit of Both:
*Having a dental check-up and teeth cleaning yesterday. Never fun but I passed - no cavities :)

*Coming home to see the animals after a week away
*Mexican food dinners with my dad
*Girls lunch
*Using a gift card to load up on Eucalyptus Spearmint items at Bath & Body Works
*The house now smelling like above mentioned Eucalyptus Spearmint
*Amazing sunny days
*Evening fires and grilling 
*Starting season 4 of Mad Men on netflix
*Warm nights
*My adorable neighbor showing me how high she can climb her tree
*Using up my birthday gift card to Ann Taylor Loft - all these lovely finds:

This loose sweater top. It's gold and sparkly on the top and totally 80's. I've embraced that many elements of my wardrobe are totally 80's. I have big plans for this with some cute skinny jeans and a long gold necklace.

Surprise - more gold!

More like "shimmery champagne".. 


This last one is my favorite.
My only regret is that I didn't have it last week for breezy walks on the beach.

Beach vacay redo?

Happy Thursday


  1. Lovely finds!!!

    You so need to get yourself some of those Sally Hansen Salon Effects to go with your swanky new duds.

  2. Cute purchases! I love Ann Taylor - too bad I only get to buy things from them when I'm shopping in the States!

  3. LOVE that! you would love my friend caitlin...she always stocks up on sequins and everything 80's at thrift stores, mostly to see me cringe.

  4. Great finds!!! I also love fires and grilling!

  5. Love the tops (especially the ruffley one).


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