Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thrift Store Review: The Bargain Box in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

How addicted do you have to thrifting do you have to be to seek out a local favorite thrift store while on vacation? I must be really addicted because I did just that last week. I have a feeling I'm not alone here.. other addicts don't leave me hanging - have you thrifted on vacay?

I did some investigatory work and came up with a list of thrifty stores I wanted to check out while in Hilton Head. Unfortunately (or maybe.. fortunately?) we were at the beach too late on Friday to hit any during the week, so I was left with only one that was open on Saturdays. If you're ever in Hilton Head you've got to check out The Bargain Box. They're open on Saturday's but only from 9:15 - 12:15. I recommend going early - this place draws a crowd! And for good reason. They had a good selection - not so big that your family will send a rescue party because you've been gone all morning - but enough that you can spend a good amount of time looking through it. Everything is well marked and laid out very conveniently. Best of all - it's a church ministry so all the attendants are very nice and helpful. It's actually all run by volunteers and their proceeds go to help local families in need. I'm pretty darn sure I need to have my own non-profit consignment/thrift shop that benefits local charities. Volunteers?

Since we missed the opportunity to hit a few local favorite thrifts, I definitely wanted to hit at least this one on Saturday morning. R was nice enough to get up early with me, so we didn't miss out on any valuable afternoon pool time.

Since many of us (myself included) are always on the lookout for cool vintage finds, I figured I would retro-ify the pictures. You know, for effect. 

Here are some of the gems I found that day:

This really fun leopard top - I love the gold buttons! It also has elastic at the bottom which I liked the look of when I tried it on. Did I mention they have fitting rooms? A definite plus!

This top actually came as a set with this skirt. I think it might be cute as a twirly shorter skirt. $2 for both!

Some cool fabrics for 75 cents a bundle! 

 A fun green belt - 50 cents:

A blue and white polka dot scarf to go on my hat - 50 cents!

All in all a very successful trip. The husband even scored a few CD's and an Egg poacher! 
We both left happy.


  1. You found some sweet things! I don't think I've ever picked up anything nice while thrift shopping :( There's nothing good in the stores near me!

  2. How you find such fantastic things amazes me. I am a thrifting dud. Any tips to thrifting???

  3. What great finds! I am looking for the green belt for quite some time. I am yuor partner in crime - i have thrifted while on vacation :)

    xo Nav

  4. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks so much for the comment and link on my Watermelon post yesterday. Pattern mixing is one of those things I need to slowy work my way into.

    You look like you found some great thrifting finds on your vacation. Until I started blogging, I didn't realize how much stuff I own that is thrifted. To me it's the thrill of the hunt!

  5. Yes! I love thrifting on vacation! A whole new set of stores-it's exhilarating! I've even daydreamed about going on a thrifting road trip to hit up as many thrift stores as I can over a weekend. Wouldn't that be awesome?!!

  6. I started thrifting in high school, I always go on vacation! I made some of my best finds ever in charity shops in Ireland on my honeymoon ha!


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