Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Post Birthday : Loose Fitting Clothes and Tirimisu.

So I had a birthday yesterday. I tried to keep it a secret.. but you know how that works. (Thanks a lot, Renee!) :). Thank you all for the birthday wishes, by the way. :)

 I had big plans for lunch, dinner and multiple desserts along the way- so my plan was to wear something "comfortable and loose fitting". I actually got this top in Sydney, Australia during study abroad and I wish I could remember the name of the store. It was one of those places you go in and everything is cute and cheap - I could spend all day in a place like that. Unfortunately I didn't have much time but I did get this top - that was back in 2006 and I still wear it! 

Can you tell there are little polka dots on it?

I got these pants from a hand-me-down bag - those are the best aren't they? They're from Banana Republic and they're <visibly> a few sizes too big. I don't care - they're super comfortable and I love the bow! Not to mention the high-waist. I've thought about taking them in but I don't want to jeopardize the comfort factor.

I had a great lunch with a lovely and super sweet friend who brought me all sorts of lovely gifts AND a special birthday brownie for dessert. The waitress caught on and brought me some ice cream with a sparkler in it - luckily no one sang! I am definitely birthday shy, as Renee put it! 

The husband took me to Carrabba's for dinner which, of course, was amazing. I love Italian food - especially the bread and the desserts. We decided on Tirimisu and got it to go so we could take a little break from eating. And sometimes it's just more fun to take the best part home.

Their Bruschetta appetizer is so good!

And the Tirimisu is to die for.

Thanks again, I'm very blessed :)


  1. Those pants are fantastic! Not too big, they look awesome with that top too. I love how you keep it simple!

  2. You stinker! Trying to keep a secret from thousands of your friends :))

    Happy birthday anyway!!

    Tirimisu if my fav too, can't eat enough of that!

  3. I'm gonna pretend that that's NOT your bed sheet you're holding that tiramisu over. Or maybe it's not. But I'm pretty sure it is. :)


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