Friday, May 27, 2011

Colorful Hippie Top On a Bicycle Built for Two

Yesterday we took a little bike ride around this beautiful path through the neighborhood. Not your typical bike ride.. we took a bicycle built for two. AKA a Tandem bike.. but the other way is so much more fun to say. And actually a lot more fun to ride too.

I'm actually pretty sure I want one of these now.

From the looks of those shots above, you probably thought I neglected to put on pants.. 
but I didn't.

Top: Funky People, Hat & Scarf: Thrifted, Shorts: Thrifted Levi's

They're just shorty shorts. You can get away with that on vacation. I think..

This is one of my favorite tops. I love the colors and the style of it and best of all, the memories attached. I got it in Saint Simons Island last summer when we had my Sister's Bachelorette weekend. She got the same one, so it's a Sister thing which is always fun.

Happy Friday

<I just had to check my calendar to make sure it actually was Friday. Don't you love how you lose track of days of the week when you're away?>


  1. ah, i'm so jealous! i've always wanted to go on those tandem bikes. they look like so much fun!

  2. Sooo fun!!! And those levis are awesome, I'm going to try to find a pair of jeans and cut away this weekend!

  3. incredibly cute! what a lucky guy....

  4. perfect beach/bicycling for two outfit! you two look so blissful!!

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