Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pink Dress Refashion

I have been working on this refashion project in pieces and parts for the last few weeks when I've had a free minute. I couldn't sleep this morning, so I actually had some time to get it done!

The Before:

I saw this dress at the Thrift store a few months ago and I couldn't pass up the fun pink color, the funky patter, the pockets or the belt. I knew I could turn it into something a little more modern. 

The After:

The shoulder pads were the first to go - followed by taking it in on the sides, hemming the bottom and the shortening the sleeves, and forming the top part into a collar.

The sleeves were tricky - I need a lesson on how to hem sleeves! It also took me about 4 tries to get the hem on the bottom straight. This is why it turned into more of a shirt to wear with leggings instead of a dress!

Overall I really like how it turned out, I'm actually wearing it to a 3-in-1 birthday celebration tonight. Happy Saturday!


  1. I love what you did with this dress-- It's so adorable!


  2. Both ways look adorable on you...and that hardly seems fair!


    Great find, great refashion!

  3. Even if it ended up like a shirt, you did a great job! I did things like this when I was I don't do any diys....hmmm have to fix that.

    Happy Sunday, and thannk you for your sweet comment while I was sick. I am much better now.

  4. You did great. It looks super cute!

  5. great blog dear!! :)
    hope you'll check out mine and maybe follow me if you like it:)
    xoxo Sienna

  6. Great job tailoring it to fit you! xo style, she wrote

  7. wow you did a wonderful job!! and i agree i haev a reallly hard time hemming sleeves too....i think i need a sewing lesson!

  8. This is great--you wouldn't even know it was a refashion! Great job!

  9. I LOVE THIS! i need to invest in a sewing machine and you to teach me how to alter clothes :) that dress is SO cute.

  10. IMPRESSIVE! That is all I can say.

  11. Wow!! great "diy". Love it, really xxx

  12. Great project! I love how you completely updated this dress! I think it looks extra modern as a tunic... :)

  13. i love that dress! it turned out so cute. i also love your blog! the style & layout. it's really nice:)


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