Friday, March 11, 2011

Plaid Shirt Refashion

This shirt I saw at the thrift store for $1 and loved the colors! It was pretty big though (see the before picture below). I almost put it back, but luckily Renee was with me and said it would be an easy refashion. 

It was!

A big reason I started this blog was to get into accessory refashioning (shoes, purses, scarves, etc.). After seeing some other bloggers' clothing refashioning projects I felt inspired to try that out too. I think I'm hooked! 

Having some lovely ladies over tonight so I'm off to work for a few more hours, make appetizers and <hopefully> fit in a trip to the gym. Happy Friday!


  1. Awesome job Rachel! I'm so proud of you and all your new found sewing skillz! :) :) :) <3

  2. The picture of you and the snow is gorgeous!

  3. what an awesome idea, loving the plaid shirt! :)
    have a wonderful weekend! You are darling btw.

  4. That shirt turned out amazing! Man I wish I had sewing skills...

  5. your shirt looks really good, the colours are pretty! and thanks for the link too lady :)

  6. the shirt came out great! i wish i had your sewing skills!!

  7. love this! great idea for all those shirts boyfriend doesn't wear.


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