Friday, March 4, 2011

New Recipe: Fondue Friday!

Happy Friday, friends - to celebrate the weekend we're going to try out a fun new recipe for fondue. We got a fondue pot for a wedding gift and I can't remember ever using it.. and it's coming up on 5 years now. I keep insisting we keep it just in case I find a good reason to use it, but usually cheese fondue recipes sound so complicated! Luckily.. I am now a follower and big fan of A Healthy Passion where I get so many good ideas and recipes (kale salad for lunch? amazing). I recommend checking out her recipes but don't look at her picture if you have already have low self esteem. :) At the 'big shop' we got all the ingredients for the Garlic Herb and Cheddar Fondue (and Green Goddess sauce!). Any recipe that calls for beer is a winner in my book - how fun is that? And thanks to Netflix we have a movie ready : Mozart and the Whale. It was actually a Netflix recommendation and it sounded interesting.

So for our Friday fondue festivities we got: pears, cauliflower, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpernickel bread and green apples.

Find the fondue recipe here.

By the way... totally random but.. how much do I love tutorials? Too much. I would love to make one if I knew anything about anything. Did you guys see Ramsey's hair tutorial? Love it. Part of the reason I'm growing mine out, to try fun things like that. Who knew if you don't curl all the way down it looks more natural? Huh! She's another one not to check out if you have low self esteem. I'm always impressed by popular bloggers who have 500+ of followers and still manage to check out us little guys and comment, she's legit.


  1. everything looks great hope you enjoy your fondue friday :) such a fun date night dinner!

  2. Okay, this looks delicious! Now I'm hungry :)

  3. Yum...fondue! One of my fav restaurants is the Melting Pot (a fondue restaurant) but it is quite pricey so we don't go very often :) Love tutorials...esp. hair hair is long and I NEVER, ever know what to do with it :)


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