Saturday, March 19, 2011

Khaki Pants Refashion: From Wide Leg to Skinny

I got this idea after seeing this post and tutorial on Cotton & Curls - I *love* Liz's blog! She is incredibly talented with a sewing machine (and adorable) and her son is to die cute. I want to try all of her DIY refashion projects.. eventually! 

The first one I tried was turning an old pair of wide leg pants into skinny pants. 

Step 1: Find an old pair of pants that you want to refashion into skinnies.

Step 2: Turn pants inside out and put them on.

Step 3: Mark where how skinny you want the pants to be - 
making sure your leg is in the middle so it doesn't get bunchy!

Step 4: Pin, making sure your seams and the bottom of your pants line up.

Step 5: Sew along the lines you made with your fabric marker:

Step  6: Turn right-side in and see how you did! 

Helpful Hints:

*After you sew, don't cut off the excess fabric until you've tried them on and like what you see - you never know if you mis-measured and need to rip & redo!

*If you're going to try it, I recommend watching Liz's tutorial -
she breaks it down really well for us beginners.

*You can also make them into a pair of cute skinny capris for spring/summer!


  1. I seriously feel like a proud mommy!! :) And you have certainly passed me by in the sewing skills dept. These pants are so cute on you Rach!!

  2. Cute cute cute! I love these! I wish it was as easy to alter the inner hemline of many pairs of jeans don't fit perfectly and if I could just sew them in a bit, they'd be great. But the inner hem is a little more complicated to deal with. I may have to try this out sometime, however!

    Also, I absolutely love those flats. And they add a little pop of color to your outfit! :)


  3. i love this! those pants look awesome! i have a few pairs of pants this might need to happen

  4. Amazing! They came out so great!

  5. This is great! I've altered dresses and tops, but never pants. Great job

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too :)

  6. WOW!!! It does fit so much better now!! You are a magician :)

    ♡ from ©

  7. Hey Rachel! I found your blog when I googled "thrift"- I'm trying to connect with other thrifting bloggers :) I LOVE this DIY. I recently decided to buy 100% thrift for the next year, but I've been really hoping to get a pair of black skinny work pants and have had zero luck at the thrift stores. I'm totally going to try this with a black pair of pants that I find that fits well elsewhere. So glad I found you!



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