Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Happy Tuesday

I was going to take a day off from posting today, but it has been such an amazing morning so far I figured I'd share it and maybe brighten your day as well!

First of all, it's sunny. Not warm.. but sunny.

Second of all.. good karma strikes again. The husband forgot to set his alarm last night.. he usually gets up around 7 or 7:15. I don't set my alarm because I just get up when he does (and sometimes make breakfast - but don't be too impressed.. breakfast usually = cutting a grapefruit and putting an English  Muffin in the toaster oven). Anyway.. today I woke up peacefully with the sun streaming in the window and realized something was off - I usually wake up to an alarm and the shower starting shortly after.. and R. was still in bed. Looked at the clock - 7:29.. 'babe... were you going to go to work today?' R: 'aw, crap.' Obviously it could have been much worse - it could have been 9:29! He was only a little late as opposed to really late. Little blessing!

Thirdly - I rocked my run this morning! First run of the 'spring'. I had really gotten into running in the summer and fall, before the snow came. It's an amazing way to start the day and clear my head. Now that the snow has melted I've decided to try to get back into it. Aiming for every day - more for my stress but my pants fitting better won't hurt either. My mind is pretty hyperactive - if I don't exercise I don't sleep. I just lay there worried about some things, excited about some things.. planning out the next day. What's insane about our society is that if I went to the doctor I could get prescribed to some sleep aid so fast my head would spin. When all I need is an outlet - exercise, yoga, journaling.. exercise is my therapy of choice. Yesterday I made time for 30 minutes of cardio for the first time in a week and for the first time in a week I slept through the night. Coincidence? Nope. Sweat therapy.

So anyway - yesterday Amanda from Life in bloom wrote about how she ran 2 miles straight without walking. Coming from a busy mom without a dishwasher (haha) I was like dang it I can do that too! I don't clock my miles, I clock minutes - and today I ran 23 minutes. The first 4 minutes were excruciating.. my legs were willing to keep going (they're still in shape from the elliptical at the gym) but my lungs were not having it. We took a little break and I thought about turning back. I slapped that thought out of my head and pushed though - the next time around I went 6 minutes straight.. walked for a minute.. it got a little easier with each burst of running and the last one I ran 13 minutes straight! I know that's not impressive or anything.. but the fact that I was very close to throwing in the towel and then ended up accumulating 23 minutes running and some speed walking in between. I am happy with that!

Is it ok that I wore pink socks to run in? I really didn't feel like changing them this morning.

The other reason I'm smiling is because I've been going through pictures from yesterday. I met the most amazing family while doing a shelter art program last night (one of my favorite parts of my job, doing art with kids in shelters..amazing). These two kids were so sweet and polite. I always enjoy the kids, but as you probably know even kids who aren't homeless aren't always polite and appreciative.. that's just how they are. These two were so appreciative and kept saying please and thank you and were complimentary of the other kids' art work. How amazing that these kids who are homeless right now and were so positive. It was precious and I think my heart grew about 3 sizes. It also pretty much grew off the charts when I saw how amazing their projects turned out. We had the kids draw their self portraits and their moms make a frame for the kids' drawings. I suggested they decorate the frame with their child's name, age, special things about them and stickers. This one makes me so happy, so precious!

Hope you also had a lovely start to the day.. have a happy Tuesday!


  1. this was such a positive post, made me happy!! and i totally sewed my shirt i just really have no idea what i'm doing so if you look closely at my stitching it is BAD. dude i really need to purchase a sewing machine, make my life a whole lot easier.

  2. Good job on pushing through! I know how hard it can be. I need to stop making excuses and figure out a way to work out every day. I think I need some sweat therapy too!!

  3. So inspired by your run! None of me is in shape but sweat therapy sounds amazing right about now. That art project had me about in tears...I can't even imagine how rewarding your job must be!!!

    Great "day off" post.


    p.s.) Love the pink socks.

  4. I completely agree about sweat therapy- I am the same way before I go to sleep, but running or working out seems to knock any worries right out of my head.

    Great job on your run!! I definitely admire you for getting outside if it is as cold there as it is in NY these past few days!

  5. Way to go!!! It's totally ok to wear your fluffy house sock while running. I have been too lazy many times!!

    (thanks for the shout out!)

  6. That's awesome about your run! I was going pretty often before winter hit too, and I'm trying to motivate myself now to start again now that it's warming up!

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