Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Gray Patterned Leggings and Purple Flats


Aren't these leggings cool? What's even cooler is I got them from Plato's Closet - $4! And they were new with tags! Love that place.


*Trying to figure out how to center my blog header and post titles.. I swear it took me over an hour. I definitely do  not speak HTML. 

*Not having any time to spend at the gym since Monday.. I have some free weights at home I can find 10 minutes for here and there but I need cardio for my sanity!

*Having a frisbee thrown AT me <purposefully> at a work event. I was walking back to my booth and a guy at a neighboring booth (who was giving away frisbees) thought it would be funny to throw one at me. It was one of those awkward moments where you see something flying at you and you have a split second to kind of flail your hands around in an attempt to catch it.. I didn't. It bounced off me and made a loud noise. On the outside I laughed it off but on the inside I was feeling very awkward about the whole scene.

A little bit of both:

*Covering 3 classes this week.. I love the kids but it makes for crazy days!

*Not being able to sleep after 6am. After an hour I just got up - the awesome part about this is that I did some fun readjustments of the blog layout <after figuring out how to center everything..finally!>.


*Officially closing on the duplex we just bought! We should get the keys tomorrow.

*Getting started on decorating and renovating above mentioned duplex!

*Going to our favorite Mexican place for a celebratory dinner:

*This amazing scarf I'm wearing that my awesome Sister in law gave me - and the fact I may get to see both of my Sisters in law for lunch this weekend!

*The weekend is almost here :) !


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