Saturday, February 5, 2011

 I had the best afternoon - sushi + chai tea, dogs and sewing. 

Meet Jackson and Evie:

Evie, meet Harvie:

Jackson meet Harvie:

 Evie and Harvie, become best friends. (Giving all the credit for this adorable shot to Renee) love it! :)

 Meanwhile, there was some serious crafting going on. I got behind the wheel (? it felt like driving with that gas pedal) of a sewing machine and I'm afraid I may be hooked. I can't debut what I made yet (it's a belated birthday gift for a great friend and reader - sorry it's late lady!) - but I am super excited about making more things! Big thanks to Renee (and Tyler!) for letting me and the nugget bogart your afternoon (and sewing machine)!


  1. thanks for commenting on my blog--so glad bc now i get to check out yours. you are too cute!! :) let me know if you try the crackers!

  2. Cuteness...I just finished attempting to comb my little nugget. Fail.

  3. so much fun..i'm learning sewing right now..
    and i can't wait to have my own sewing machine..
    hehe...nice blog =)

  4. Those guys are so cute! Looks like they get along well!


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