Thursday, February 17, 2011

Funny thing happened..

while I was driving home this evening. I was stopped at a red light, a few minutes away from home. I was deep in thought about how I really wasn't in the mood for what I had made for dinner. Why had I already made dinner? Because when you work from home, your days become a jumbley mess of tasks. Get work done, start dinner, take a shower, make the bed.. it doesn't really  matter what order they go in as long as it gets done sometime between waking up and going to bed. In my opinion, anyway. It's what works for me. Anyway, back to the story. So I'm sitting at the light, waiting for my green arrow. This is one of those lights where if people block the intersection (which happens constantly), you can't make your left, and it's extremely annoying. I'm always on edge at this light - especially tonight because I was first in line so had a direct view of the cars who were going straight starting to get piled up in the intersection.. thinking.. "ok, move it people, just need a little space to make my left.. keep it moving.. a little further.." stressful. Finally their light turns red and it's about time for my arrow. As everyone in the left turning lane was waiting anxiously for the arrow.. the overzealous driver behind me gets antsy and honks. At me. I don't respond well to honking - especially unwarranted honking. I shouted (at the driver behind me, alone in my car, while the people waiting to go straight watched): "Calm it down, jerkoff, we haven't gotten our arrow yet!". Shortly after, we got our arrow and the rest of the 3 minute drive home I was still thinking about it. You know the feeling - being called out (very publicly) is awkward - everyone within earshot looks around to see who is doing something honk-worthy.

I got home and pulled into the driveway. A few seconds later, the husband pulls in next to me. As he gets out of his car I say: "Oh hey! Were you just in the turning late a minute ago? Did you hear that joker honk? It was at me!" .. and he said: "Oh, that was me. That was a friendly hello!".

A little awkward and awesome all rolled into one. It was dark ok?

And a little animal print inspiration that goes along with yesterday's post:

Manolo Blahnik

Christian Louboutin


  1. Ha! That story is hilarious. I typically work from home, but when I travel to my office location my husband usually drops me off. Sometimes there are road rage situations and I always fear that we are honking at or be honked at by someone I work with. Very awkward! :)

  2. Bahhhhhhhh! I love this story! You two endlessly crack me up.
    Thank you for being the sweetest friend today ever! I owe you big time...say Monday at your place of choice? :)

  3. i love the second pair of shoes!! the other day my mom said to me, "why do oprah's shoes always have red on the bottom...what does that mean?" those made met think of that!

    lovely blog dear!


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