Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Round-up

 Wow what a weekend.. I think I need another weekend just to fit some relaxation in! Not to worry, I wouldn't change anything about these past few days - great weekend! It started off with a bang on Friday spending a few hours at the Thrift store - can't beat that! Saturday was the Ladies Clothing Swap (more about that below). Today we went all around different areas of Akron with our realtor scoping out new digs.. then came home, took some quick pics (also more below) and headed out to introduce Harvs to the husband's dear parents and our darling sister and brother-in-law.. and of course Toby, the chocolate lab! He was so excited to meet them:

So as promised earlier.. I've got some pics of the great finds I got at the swap! Before we get into those, let me explain how that went down. It all started last spring when the darling husband *suggested* I spring clean my closet. Yikes. He made a good point.. if I hadn't worn it for a year, do I really need it? Good point, but easier said than done. You never know when the right occasion to wear that certain something may be, am I wrong? Anyway, with his help (he is a master organizer/ I was able to tone down the closet. After seeing how many items I was parting with, I couldn't help but wonder how many other local ladies were also spring cleaning their closets and parting with many great items that were indeed lovely, just not useful to them anymore. One girl's junk is another girl's treasure right?! Enter the swap idea - hosted by my darling sister in law, Chelsey, in Lakewood. We get a bunch of girls to grab a few items to swap (although most end up bringing more than a few and others still end up bringing suitcases full!) and an appetizer or drink to share and there you have it, friends : Ladies Clothing Swap! Always a good time and always good finds. 

More fun in store for tomorrow - shopping and pictures with this lady and this lady. :)


  1. Love it all! You look so adorable. I think my fave is the dress. Definitely.

  2. That's a great dress from Target! YES to more weekend relaxation time!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! Come back soon, I'm hosting a whole bunch of giveaways. =]

    Just Better Together

  3. I so desperately need to finish my closet cleaning and organization!

  4. Love the remix of the dress! I need to do some more digging in my closet!

  5. Thank you for the sweet words on my blog :) Come back anytime!!

    I love the yellow sweater, it looks so super comfy!!! Your puppy is so CUTE!!!


  6. I love what you did with that black/white checkered dress. I totally wouldn't have known how to style that to look nice, but it looks so cute on you!! :)


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