Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Finds: Red Belt(s) and Red Shoes

 Happy Friday, Friends - before we get into Friday finds, I have to introduce you to the new love in my life: sauteed kale. So. Good. I tried it last night (since the darling husband cooked our new recipe for Tuesday), and I am, officially, hooked. I threw it together with some sauteed red onions and baby red potatoes and various spices. We had it with acorn squash and sweet potatoes, so good! (I know your next question.. 'If you eat so many veggies how do you not only weigh 90 lbs?' Well, enter a strong snack and dessert habit too.)

 So now on to Friday finds! I had a lovely VDO (thrift store) date with Renee yesterday and I was all about the accessories. I got a few belts, necklace, Nine West shoes, sunglasses, the works! So before you have to ask: "Isn't that unsanitary?", Yes, it probably is - so, enter a strict sanitizing regimen including rubbing alcohol and soaking some items in hot soapy water. Better safe than sorry. Check it out:

Fun red necklace, 90 cents:

 Fun red necklace and red belt:

Red shoes - Nine West for $2..stop. 

 Brown belt, 60 cents:

 This little doozie that just may have to make an appearance on Valentine's day, 40 cents:

Yellow belt, 75 cents:

And just for fun because they were observing while I was snapping pictures, two cute friends:

Thank Goodness for Friday night and sleeping in tomorrow. I have to work a family event tonight for work, but only for a couple hours and it's ok for two reasons: 1) I spent the better half of the afternoon catching up with a dear family friend, and 2) I'll be working alongside one of my favorite "co-workers" (really, another great friend), so we'll make it fun somehow. Funny how friends can do that. :)


  1. Yummm the kale and veggies look delicious. I always forget about kale..i need to start cooking with it more often!! Have a great weekend!

  2. you thrifted the cutest belts and things!!! and your pup and kitty are adorable!!! glad i found your blog xoxo!


  3. where in the world is this store? i am quite jealous you made some great finds!!

  4. What awesome finds! I'm especially fond of your belts-so cute.

  5. i LOVE the yellow belt!!!

    Great Blog!

  6. oh my goshhh.. your little dachshund looks just like mine :) i think they're long lost twins!


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