Thursday, February 26, 2015

9 months!

As of yesterday, Eden is officially 9 months old and that sounds so old! Most of the time, I don't have those "stop aging" feelings that a lot of moms have. I love all of her new developments and I know it will just get better. I do have fleeting moments when I feel sad that certain things won't last, and I try to really soak up her baby time in those moments. (Like when she falls asleep in my arms and she still fits so perfectly in there when I rock her.)

Anyway, during the last month she has made quite a few developments! She's been rolling over with ease, scoot-crawling and has 2 new teeth up top! She gets closer and closer to crawling everyday. She also loves to pull herself up - especially using people. She likes to stand at the ottoman and play with her toys (and try to eat the TV remotes).

She is such a good eater and likes to try little pieces of things we eat. She even likes Salmon and feta cheese, it's hilarious. 

She can do two "tricks" and she's getting really close to getting a third, which is "wave bye-bye". She has done it a few times but still working on consistency. She can clap and shake her head which is adorable. 

She is mostly formula fed now as I am officially drying up. I used to get 4-5 ounces every few hours when I pumped at work and now I get 1! Part of me is sad that I'm not able to continue to provide much nourishment for her, but I know I'm lucky to have been able to do it for as long as I did. She still nurses a few times per day and night, but I don't think she gets very much. I started taking the birth control pill again a few weeks ago, and I'm sure that is the culprit. I know it took us 2.5 years to conceive Eden, but I figure it would be God's sense of humor that I would get pregnant again within a few months, way before we're ready to entertain the idea of another child! 

Happy Thursday!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Find Your Beauty Event at Summit Mall

We had so much fun at the Find Your Beauty event last night (the one I had posted about here)! I was happy to included and get to spend a few hours with such stylish ladies and fellow bloggers. The event was at Francesca's at Summit Mall and they had such cute clothes! Dina and Amy were there as well and all of us styled a mannequin. 

Pictured above: Amy's (left) was for a "dressy night out", Dina's (in the middle) was "springy casual" and mine (right) was "work wear". Don't you love how all the outfits turned out? I would love to wear any of them! 

Above and Below: Amy and Dina with their mannequins, styled beautifully! 

Thanks to Samantha from Barberton DECA for the picture of all three of us below!

The girls coordinating the event did a great job and I hope they were able to raise a good chunk of money for Girls on the Run. It was fun meeting some new people and helping them with styling options! I took full advantage of the 20% off discount and also the buy one get on half-off jewelry as well :) I will have to share the dress and necklaces I ended up getting soon. 

Hope you have a great start to your week,

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Easy Seared Salmon with Dill Sauce

I got the idea to try seared Salmon from watching an episode of  "Giada at home" on the Food Network. I never realized searing was so easy! All you have to do is heat up oil in a pan and get a good crisp on the salmon before popping it in the oven to finish cooking. All in the same pan! 

I don't usually buy Salmon, but I found a nice piece that was surprisingly inexpensive ($4.79!) and definitely share-able for two people. You can find Giada's recipe here. I improvised a little bit on the sauce, using Greek yogurt and adding dill. Instead of the summer succotash, we roasted some Brussels Sprouts (a staple in our house!). We had some leftover scalloped potatoes, so those were a perfect side too. 

Easy Seared Salmon

Preheat the oven to 350
Heat some oil in a pan
Put the Salmon in the oil, flesh side down
Cook for 3 minutes, it should be sizzling!
When it has a good golden crust, transfer to the oven and cook about 5 minutes
Serve with the Dill Sauce for extra flavor or have it plain! 


Monday, February 16, 2015

Find Your Beauty Event

For all you Northeast Ohioans, hope you can join us at a special beauty and fashion event coming up on February 22nd! In addition to fashion and beauty tips from some of us local bloggers, the event will include 20% discount on regularly priced items. There will also be hair and beauty specialists on site from Georgie Salon & Spa

The event is free, but the event coordinators are asking attendees to give a donation of their choice to Girls on the Run, a very worthy cause. 

Dina from Dina's Days and Amy from Glam and Grace will also be there and we will each get to style a mannequin!  

The event is being coordinated by a few students from Barberton High School's DECA Marketing Program, which I think makes it extra special!

You can register for the event here. Would love to see you there!

PS- that beautiful skirt pictured above is available here.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thrifted Finds

I went to the Salvation Army in Montrose the other day and got pretty lucky with cute baby stuff (and a few things for me too!). The best day to go to Salvation Army is on Wednesdays, when 4 tag colors are half-off. None of the items I got were half-off this time, unfortunately!

1. Ridiculously cute baby vest - $3.99

2. Long gray sweater- 99-cents. As you can see, this sweater had two tags. One said the actual price ($7.99) and the other must have gotten tagged by mistake (99-cents). You can't really tell from the picture, but it's a really high quality material and looks brand new. Definitely worth the higher price (for someone willing to pay that much for a thrifted item). When I took it to the register, the kind cashier gave me the lower price - score! 

3. Baby dress - It looks more pink here, but it's a really cute pinky/fuscia color: 99-cents

4. Tunic - $4.99. This is more than I would usually spend on a thrifted top, but I really liked the silky burgundy fabric underlay and that it's long enough to wear with leggings. 

5. Baby Gap hat- $2.99

6. Pretty patterned hat - 99-cents

I can't wait to get the baby things washed and on Eden! (Update: while folding the laundry we tried on the dress and vest, see here!) Hope you have a great Thursday :)

Happy thrifting!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Neighbors Apparel and Akron2Akron

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go on a walking tour of North Hill with Akron2Akron (with Abby & Adam!). I first heard about the Akron2Akron walking tours through Dina's blog post (here!). I love living here in Akron and learning more about the history of the city and what local visionaries are doing to improve and revive it. (This piece has some great information on Akron's history and the Better Block initiative.)

While on the tour, we heard from several North Hill Community leaders and small business owners, which was fascinating! One of the innovators we heard from was Tessa Reeves of Neighbors Apparel. Neighbors employs refugee women living in Akron and provides them with a fair living wage and lessons in English during the workweek. Aside from their awesome mission, the company offers from beautiful pieces that can be customized and ordered online through their website. The pieces are also available at several local shops and boutiques (including my favorites NOTO and The Market Path!)

I'm so glad I went on this tour and learned about Neighbors Apparel, Urban Vision and other North Hill treasures! You can follow along with Akron2Akron and upcoming tours on Twitter here and Facebook here

Also, you can read a great overview and see some great pictures (Abby and I are in some!) of the day on the Akronist - here! Dina also did a great post here - I love her thoughts on loving where you live. 

Here's to Akron!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

More Hair Inspiration

When I cut 11 inches off my hair back in August, I basically just had them cut it straight across. I hadn't thought much about an actual style, I just woke up that day and needed it gone. Now that it's been several months, I'm ready to revisit an actual style. 

I love the look of short waves, but I know that I won't actually style it like that everyday. I'm also being honest with myself that I still need it to be long enough to throw into ponytail, so it can't be too short.  

I basically just want something a little shorter with a lot more shape and visual interest to it. Luckily, I trust my stylist and know she will be able to make it happen for me! 

Wish me luck!

PS- All images from Popular Haircuts except the last one which is from Indulgy