Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Blogger Crafter-noon

Last weekend, Abby of Les Bottes D'Eleanor was kind enough to host a little Akron blogger get together. The idea was to have an afternoon of crafting, snacks and general blogger networking and workshopping. All of those things were accomplished in addition to taking pictures and girl talk - so it was a definite success!

Abby (who conveniently lives in the same neighborhood as me!) had the cutest craft and snack tables set up for when we got there. 

Yep, those are rice krispy treats made from fruity pebbles made by Megan and they were soo good! Jessica brought local favorite Aladdin's Hummus (the.best.) and I made a quinoa and bean salad. 

Abby had the great idea to make fun collages out of old magazines, of which she had a huge stack. I love making magazine collages because flipping through the magazines is almost as fun as piecing together the cut out pictures! 

Above is my little collage project. It would be fun to do a series of them and then frame them as part of a gallery wall, wouldn't it? 

I'm so glad Akron has such a great community of bloggers. I love the variety of unique and interesting ladies I've met through this little hobby we share. 

Thanks again, Abby! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thrifted Pajamas Become Baby Cardigan

I've had so much fun with the baby DIY's recently! My most recent project was turning a pair of thrifted pajamas into a lightweight cardigan. The footie pajamas are easy to find, but lightweight cardigans? Not so much. 

I thrifted this pair of pajamas for $2.00 to turn into the perfect lightweight cardigan to keep the baby warm in the air conditioning. All I did was cut the bottom of the pajamas off. First with a rough cut, then opened up and cut very slowly in a straight line. If you pick the right fabric, it won't even need a hem!

I also decided to add a little pop of pink in the form of a stitched on heart. I did this the same way I stitched the heart onto her Brown's outfit (here!), using a piece of paper to trace a heart onto the fabric, then cutting it out and hand-stitching it onto the pajamas. 

The pink fabric came from a $2.00 tank top - perfect for a pop of pink in the heart and of course, a stretchy headband to match!

Hope you have a great weekend, happy Saturday!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

FTB Vintage Shop Update: Gold Necklaces

It's been awhile since I've updated the Vintage Shop, but I've (finally) added some pretty, gold necklaces that are now available for purchase! 

I love anything floral and this flower pendant is so pretty! Available here for $12.95 (and a close up picture!). Free shipping with purchase of another item! 

I love this pretty key necklace! It could easily be one of those perfect additions to an outfit. Also $12.95 and available here with free shipping with purchase of another item. 

I've got other some great summery items I'm planning on listing soon - stay tuned!

Have a great Sunday,

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Perfect IPA

It's been a long time since I've written about good beer (years!), but rest assured I still love it. It's my favorite vice. Because of the price of the beers I like, breastfeeding, alcohol content in the beers I like and calories (I try to consider those.. sometimes) I only have one per evening. Unless there is a babysitter and night out involved.

I absolutely love a good IPA. Lucky for me, I have found the perfect IPA that happens to be brewed right here in Northeast Ohio. Great Lakes Brewing Company has crafted the perfect blend with hints of pine, citrus and of course.. hops! (I love hops)

Last year, I was really into Sierra Nevada Torpedo, which is an extra IPA. This year, I'm more into the IPA's with a little less kick. The Commodore Perry is perfect.

If you're into a good middle of the road IPA and you see this at your local grocer, try it!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

90-cent Thrifted Socks Become Baby Leg Warmers

Anyone who has spent any time caring for an infant will agree that as cute as little baby pants are, they're also a pain considering the frequent diaper changes. I wanted to keep Eden's legs warm (now that we have AC!), without the inconvenience of little leggings or pants. I realized that the top of a sock would make the perfect sized little leg warmers! I found some cheap socks at the Thrift store and cut the top part off. <The bottom part actually makes a nice little slipper sock for an adult>.

They look really cute on her and keep her little legs warm - win win! They're also really easy to slip off if she gets too warm.

Definitely going to be looking for a variety of colors for her!

Hope you had a great weekend,

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Zucchini Pasta

I'm sure you've seen the Zucchini Pasta pins popping up all over Pinterest (like this one and this one).. and I've got to tell you - it's definitely worth trying! We've had a Mandolin for a few years (since my obsession with making sweet potato chips began). And now I have a new favorite thing to make with it - zucchini pasta. It's so easy and so good with some marina sauce. All we do is heat it up in the microwave to 30 seconds to a minute with some good marinara sauce. It's so easy and totally hits the spot without all the carbs of pasta! 

I've started buying a few zucchini's at a time and then slicing them up into noodles to eat throughout the week. It makes a super quick and healthy meal or snack. I'm so glad to have found another great use for our mandolin! If you're not familiar with this gadget, check this one out. 

Have a great Tuesday!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Two Months

Eden is two months old today! She is just under 14 lbs.. she is getting so big! This girl loves to eat and she does it well. She's mostly breastfed with some formula supplementation here and there. 

Her favorite activities are:
-sleeping on daddy's chest
-bouncing on the edge of the bed in someone's arms
-being rocked in the glider

She's getting so strong and loves to practice lifting up her head and pushing up with her arms. The pediatrician was impressed with how strong her little legs are already. She doesn't really seem to notice Harvey much but he loves to lick her little feet. She makes great eye contact and we love making her smile and laugh. Her laughs are more like little coos than actual laughs.. so adorable! 

Hope you have a great weekend!