Sunday, June 28, 2015

FTB Styled: Polka Dot Top

I recently got these pants from Plato's Closet, originally from Forever 21. They are so comfortable and I love the color! I like wearing them with a neutral top, like this black & white polka dot top. It's currently for sale in the Vintage Shop for $15.00 (here).

I actually wore a similar outfit to work a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure how these pants would go over. Our office is business casual, but most people lean toward business professional. I wore them on a Friday (a more casual day), and luckily, my boss loved them! I loved being extra comfortable all day.

Hope you have a great Sunday!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thrifted Finds

I had the best luck at the Village Discount Outlet the other day! I never find this many things for me at the thrift store - but with the deals I got I couldn't say no. 

1. Floral Chiffon Top: $5

2. H&M Striped Tank: $4

3. Chicco's Silky Top: $6 (half-off $12).

4. Vintage Cropped Jacket $6 (half-off $12)

5. Polka Dot Top: $3 (half-off $6)

6. Old Navy Overalls for Eden: $3

I went back and forth on numbers 3 and 4 for awhile - they are more than I usually spend thrifting (it's thrifting!), but I ultimately decided the wear I would get out of them for the office would make it worth it. Honestly, for me, it's actually more about closet space than a few extra dollars! But I try to do a little clean out every time I bring more home. 

I also got a pair of booties for $3 (half-off $6) that aren't pictured above, but you can see them here from my instagram post. 

I think I'm most excited about number 1 - the floral pattern is just so gorgeous! I actually have plans to wear number 2 under number 1.. stripes & florals anyone? :)

Have a great Wednesday!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's day

Left: My dad and I - 1987   //   Right: Reed & Eden - November 2014

I feel so lucky to be able to say that I have some great fathers in my life. First and foremost, my own dad. He worked hard for our family and always made time to take my brother and I on "adventures" on the weekends. We were constantly hiking, fishing, building homes for deer out of sticks in the woods.. I have so many special memories of our adventures. Now, he is an amazing grandfather for Eden, who loves him so much. 

And then there's Reed, who is the perfect dad for Eden. Their bond and loving relationship is precious. She loves when he is the one putting her down for a nap.. because he often falls asleep right next to her and she'll sleep for 2 hours! She lights up around him and loves all their special games. 

I also have two wonderful grandfathers in my life, who are still in good health at 79 and 80 years old! 

I hope you had a great day celebrating the fathers in your life, 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Creamy Avocado Pasta

I got the idea for this pasta in the typical way - Pinterest. This pin, to be exact. I love avocados and I thought this would make the perfect Sunday lunch. The sauce also has spinach and I used "veggie pasta", so it was definitely vegetable packed.

Reed and I both agreed it was actually really good! The sauce was a little bland at first, but after I added a few extra shakes of seasoning mix, it was much better. I use a spice mix that basically tastes like seasoned salt and it can add a little flavor to virtually anything.

-1 box of pasta (we added the sauce to our bowls separately and then saved the extra noodles)
-1 ripe avocado
-1 cup of spinach
-3/4 cup of pasta water
-1/4 cup cilantro (the pinterest recipe calls for basil, but I do what I want)
-a few shakes of garlic powder
-a few shakes of a general seasoning mix with salt

Throw all the sauce ingredients in the blender and blend away! Pour onto separated bowls of pasta. I added chopped tomato and Parmesan cheese on top.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kimono Round-Up

Recently, I've been on the lookout for the perfect, light-weight kimono. I think they look so effortlessly cute with a pair of cut off shorts. If you get the right one, you could even pull it off as a swimsuit cover up, too. Here are some of my favorites rounded up from the web:

1. Ornate Paisley Maxi Kimono

2. Embroidered Chiffon Kimono

3. Floral Print Crepe Kimono

4. Ecote Gauzy Maxi Kimono

5. Longline Batwing-Sleeve Kimono

There are so many different styles out right now, and all very affordable. For an indecisive person like myself, this is not necessarily a good thing!

I hope you had a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Thrifted Finds

All but one of these finds came from the Village Discount Outlet. Number one came from Salvation Army. At both stores, yellow was the half-off color of the day. I got some cute things for Eden and also for myself! 

1. Pink & White Polka Dot Top - $1.00 (half off $1.99)

2. Beautiful, Vintage toddler dress - $3.00 (unfortunately I have to wait for her to grow into it!)

3. Gingham Bloomers - 60-cents

4. Super Soft Target Tee - $2.00 (half-off $4.00). This is one of those long tees that you can wear with leggings, aka, my uniform on my off days.

5. Lucky Brand Bandeau Bathing Suit Top - $5.00. I actually have a blue swim-skirt that will match this perfectly! I like wearing bandeau tops to avoid tan lines. One perk of being small chested is that you don't need straps for support :)

Happy thrifting! 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Eden's 1st Birthday

I had so much fun putting together this birthday party for Eden! We decided to keep it low-key with just family (even that was 20 people!). We even had some out-of-town guests for the occasion which made it so special and fun. The theme of the party was "spring flowers" and also "polka dots".  

My sister helped me arrange bouquets of fresh flowers and I also also made a few flower/picture garlands to hang up around the downstairs. They turned out so cute and I actually still have them up because I love looking at the pictures.

I got the adorable letters from Pat Catans for under $2 a piece and ordered the birthday hat from Amazon. It was cute to use as a decoration and also for her to wear while she ate her birthday cupcake. 

I made a little banner to go around her high chair tray that turned out really cute! I just used scrapbook paper and yard to put it together. Eden and I decided we should both wear floral dresses, to go with the "spring flowers" theme and all. She looked so cute her special dress. It was actually a Vintage consignment find! 

Eden's bff cousin, Corabelle, had just turned one three weeks before her. They are so-so-so cute together! I love them both so much. They love to share toys (and pacifiers when we're not looking). 

I kind of surprised myself with how much I got into the decorating for her party. I loved putting the projects together and trying to make the day extra special. I'm already looking forward to her next birthday :)

Have a great Sunday!