Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thrifted Floral Skirt

Remember I posted about finding this beautiful Vintage skirt for $2.00? (here) This is the skirt in action - I love it! I love the shape of it and the bold print and colorful floral pattern. Bonus - it has pockets!

Jacket: Gianni Bini, Necklace: JC Penney, Top/Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Old Navy

I wore this outfit to our little blogger get-together a few weeks ago and Jessica took pictures for all of us (thank you!). Her boyfriend has a fancy camera and she always takes lovely pictures. 

 I love a skirt or dress with pockets. Not only is it convenient for holding my phone (or a pacifier), it just adds a level of comfort and ease to an outfit that I love.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Three Months!

This past Monday, Eden turned 3 months old! It's the end of her "newborn" stage and the beginning of her "infant" stage. She is so much fun and we love that we're getting to see glimpses of her little personality. When she thinks something is particularly amusing, she throws her hands up by her face and her nose crinkles and it's pretty much the cutest thing ever (here's a little video clip!).

It's so cool how much they change in just a few months. She looks like a totally different baby than she did as few months ago. (See?). She is such a good eater and weighs more than twice as much as she did at birth now. She weighs 17.5 lbs (and hates when we have to clean between her chins and neck!). She's really strong too and has great neck control for her age. She loves "standing" and looks so proud of herself when we hold her up and she holds herself up with her legs.

She's really alert and has recently decided that there is too much to see, smell and hear to just sit in the same spot for very long. She loves to walk around facing outward as we show her different rooms, pictures, plants, etc. During walks, she now wants to face outward and see all the scenery, a great metaphor for growing up (as I mentioned on Instagram).

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Medium Length Hair Love

Photo Sources: 1. Wardrobe Looks / 2. Seventeen / 3. Popular Haircuts / 4. Popular Haircuts / 5. Popular Haircuts / 6. Popular Haircuts

Ok, so I'm back at the point where I'm ready to chop my hair. This time, I'm extra serious. I have the hair appointment booked and I'm not turning back! 

Last fall, I posted about how I was considering a cut (here), but I didn't end up going through with it. This year I'm officially ready. 

I think it will be easier to manage and look healthier. Not to mention, I'm just sick of it! 

Above are a few styles I love. If I'm brave enough, I may go even shorter.. we'll see. 

Do you ever just get sick of your hair and want to chop it as soon as the salon can get you in?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thrifted Finds

The other day, I was able to hit the Salvation Army while I was out running errands. Always one of my favorite stops, it did not disappoint! It happened to be family day, where all the tags except for one color are half off. Score! I found a great Vintage skirt, a moomoo refashion project, mini beer mug and pants to turn into baby headbands for E and some of her little friends. 

1. Vintage Floral Skirt : $2.00 (half off $3.99). I love this floral pattern and the colors so much!

2. Mini Mug : 25-cents (half off 49-cents). Sometimes I only like having half of a beer and I always love a frozen mug.. so this is perfect for those times.

3. Pretty Patterned Dress : $2.50 (half off $5.99). This dress is huge but I love the print and think it will make a nice little refashion project.

4. Striped Pants (to turn into baby headbands) : $1.00 (half off $1.99). I love finding items like this that are made of cute, stretchy material that will translate well into baby headbands.

I already wore the floral skirt to a little blogger get together the other day, so I will be sharing that with you soon!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Blogger Crafter-noon

Last weekend, Abby of Les Bottes D'Eleanor was kind enough to host a little Akron blogger get together. The idea was to have an afternoon of crafting, snacks and general blogger networking and workshopping. All of those things were accomplished in addition to taking pictures and girl talk - so it was a definite success!

Abby (who conveniently lives in the same neighborhood as me!) had the cutest craft and snack tables set up for when we got there. 

Yep, those are rice krispy treats made from fruity pebbles made by Megan and they were soo good! Jessica brought local favorite Aladdin's Hummus ( and I made a quinoa and bean salad. 

Abby had the great idea to make fun collages out of old magazines, of which she had a huge stack. I love making magazine collages because flipping through the magazines is almost as fun as piecing together the cut out pictures! 

Above is my little collage project. It would be fun to do a series of them and then frame them as part of a gallery wall, wouldn't it? 

I'm so glad Akron has such a great community of bloggers. I love the variety of unique and interesting ladies I've met through this little hobby we share. 

Thanks again, Abby! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thrifted Pajamas Become Baby Cardigan

I've had so much fun with the baby DIY's recently! My most recent project was turning a pair of thrifted pajamas into a lightweight cardigan. The footie pajamas are easy to find, but lightweight cardigans? Not so much. 

I thrifted this pair of pajamas for $2.00 to turn into the perfect lightweight cardigan to keep the baby warm in the air conditioning. All I did was cut the bottom of the pajamas off. First with a rough cut, then opened up and cut very slowly in a straight line. If you pick the right fabric, it won't even need a hem!

I also decided to add a little pop of pink in the form of a stitched on heart. I did this the same way I stitched the heart onto her Brown's outfit (here!), using a piece of paper to trace a heart onto the fabric, then cutting it out and hand-stitching it onto the pajamas. 

The pink fabric came from a $2.00 tank top - perfect for a pop of pink in the heart and of course, a stretchy headband to match!

Hope you have a great weekend, happy Saturday!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

FTB Vintage Shop Update: Gold Necklaces

It's been awhile since I've updated the Vintage Shop, but I've (finally) added some pretty, gold necklaces that are now available for purchase! 

I love anything floral and this flower pendant is so pretty! Available here for $12.95 (and a close up picture!). Free shipping with purchase of another item! 

I love this pretty key necklace! It could easily be one of those perfect additions to an outfit. Also $12.95 and available here with free shipping with purchase of another item. 

I've got other some great summery items I'm planning on listing soon - stay tuned!

Have a great Sunday,