Wednesday, March 25, 2015

10 months!

And just like that, we have a 10 month old. A big one, at that! She had a check up last week and she weighs 25.2 lbs, still in the 99th percentile. She's 29 inches long and 85th percentile for height. 

She loooooves to eat and loves her finger foods. Current favorites are: cheerios (always), any cheese, raisins and little pieces of marshmallows. I've only given her the marshmallows a few times as a special treat, she loves them! She only nurses at night now, mostly for comfort. I doubt she gets more than an ounce or so (as I mentioned in her 9 month post, I'm drying up!).

She has two teeth on the bottom and 4 on top. She's getting her second front tooth now, it just poked through the other day. 

Right around her 9 month birthday, she started crawling (see her go here). She can do quite a few "tricks" now, including my favorite, "so big!" (see that one here). She also loves pulling herself up on anything, but especially the ottoman and couch. She cruises around standing up while holding on, it's really cute.

A few weeks ago, she transitioned to two long naps. She used to take 3, 30-45 minute naps a day. Now she takes two 1 or 1.5 hour naps a day. Sometimes they are even longer, 2+ hours! She's a good napper, for the most part. She's been going to bed and waking up a little earlier. 

Her general schedule looks something like this:

Wake up at 9:30/10am
Nap - 12:30/1-2:30/3ish
Nap 2 - 5:30/6-7:00/7:30ish
Bed at 10/10:30pm

We are trying to make her bed time earlier, but she ends up treating it like a nap and then staying up way too late. This schedule works for us and our lifestyle, so we're not pushing it too hard yet. Especially since she's such a good napper! 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Sleek Bob

I finally decided on a hairstyle! When I first cut 10 inches off in August, I just wanted it gone. Then I decided I needed an actual style and got some layers cut into it a few months later. A few weeks after that, I decided I played it too safe and wanted to go shorter. I decided on the "sleek bob" with bangs.

My biggest inspirations were photos I found of Katie Holmes and Sunny AndersonI got it cut by Molly at MC Hair who is super talented and also my neighbor! Everyone at MC is so nice and professional, I just love them. (The last time I was there getting a cut, the new nail technician offered me a free manicure!)

I got this dress last winter from our friend Lyndsey's pop-up boutique, B.Lovely, and I'm so glad to be able to wear it again! It didn't work while I was pregnant/breastfeeding. Now that Eden's only nursing at night, I am free to get back into my old clothes and it feels so good!

I actually thrifted this H&M jacket for $2 back in 2011 - remember? It's still one of my best finds.

Have a great Sunday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

For the Love of Fashion Event

I'm so excited for this event! It's the celebration of the opening of the new Goodwill Akron boutique called blue in Kent. There will be a full schedule of fun events, including a fashion show! A group of local bloggers (including myself!) will be styling and modeling outfits of our choosing from blue

Other bloggers and frequent Goodwill shoppers that will be part of the event include:

Lauren -
Lisa  & Collyn -
Abby -
Danie -

Also, Dina will be sharing her pop-up space called Spice at the boutique. I can't wait to check out her spring collection! There will also be prizes, style demonstrations, a style contest, refreshments and more!

For the Love of Fashion Event
blue, a Goodwill Boutique
April 11, 2015
2-4 PM
118 East Main Street, Kent OH 44240

 I hope to see you there!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Layering Necklaces

I got that gold triangle necklace pictured above at the Find Your Beauty Event at Francesca's a few weeks ago. I love it! I knew when I saw it that it would be perfect for layering with other necklaces. I love wearing it with another delicate gold chain for a perfect balance. Of course, it's also pretty alone too!

Eden wanted to be in a picture with me too, so I was happy to oblige :)

I thrifted that light pink LOFT cardi a few weeks ago and it's such a good color for spring. I can't wait til I'm able to wear more short sleeved cardigans outside of the house!

I hope you have a great Sunday!

PS- I'm totally annoyed that yesterday was Pi day and I didn't even have pie!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thrifted Finds

The other day, it was still winter in Ohio and Eden and I were bored of hanging out at home. We decided to pop over to Salvation Army and walk around for a little while. Now that she can sit up in the front part of the cart, she loves riding around and looking at things/people in stores. (She also loves when new people talk to her). 

We found a couple little useful things:

1. A little basket to help corral baby toys (containment is key for parental sanity). - $1.00

2. Monkey fabric hoop: I have a collection of these I'm going to hang in the attic sewing area. - 99-cents

3. A phone toy for Eden: She always tries to grab our phones, so I thought it would be fun for her to have her very own. - $1.99 (By the way, in case you're curious, here is my cleaning process for toys: Wipe it down really good with a purell wipe, then was with hot water and soap.)

4. Cute Vintage romper for summer - $2.99

Can't wit til it's warm enough for the baby to wear the new romper! 

Hope you had a great Thursday,

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Kale Salad with Brussels Sprouts and Apples

Kale is having a pretty major moment again at our house. We go through phases with it - and let's just say it's been a staple on the grocery list lately. This salad was so good that after I made one as a pre-dinner snack, I went ahead and made another one to take to work for lunch the next day.

There's not exactly a recipe as I concocted this based on what I had on hand and thought would go well in the salad. Basically, throw in a little bit of all the ingredients below!

Kale Salad with Chopped Brussels Sprouts and Apples

Chopped kale
Chopped apple
Sliced almonds
Chopped Brussels sprouts
Poppyseed dressing
Salt & pepper

I will say that I would use a green apple next time to add some tartness. The salt and pepper cut some of the sweetness. The brand of poppyseed dressing that I have is really thick and creamy, so I put some in a little bit and added some water to thin it out. This helps it spread over all the ingredients. Add some dressing to just the kale first to make sure all of it actually gets coated.

It's so easy and delicious! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

One Dress, Three Ways

I got this dress (find it here) at Francesca's (for 20% off!) at the Find Your Beauty Event a few weeks ago. I loved it and when I tried it on, I could picture all the different ways I could wear it! At first I wasn't going to get it since there were two  necklaces I wanted too, but I decided to get it because I can always use a good work dress (right?).

Although the dress feels pretty dressy, I think it could be dressed down by adding a denim jacket and some flats or sandals. I threw on a mint colored necklace (also from Francesca's that night!) and a pale pink belt to give it a springy feel. 

I've already worn this to work once and it was so comfortable and fun while still being dressy enough for work. It's made of a thick enough material that it felt winter-appropriate. You can put a blazer over anything and make it work for the office :)

I've had this thrifted sweater laying around for a few years, and it's perfect for layering over dresses. I also wore it here a few years ago, layered over a top.

This dress is such a versatile piece, I'm glad I decided to go for it!

Happy Wednesday!